Gold Filled Wire

Gold Filled Filled wire has a thick layer of 14kt (14/20) Gold pressure bonded to a core of brass. This layer of  gold is 100 times thicker than that used on plated wire and so is far more durable. Filled wire has the same bright attractive appearance of a solid pure wire and can be anealled, soldered and worked with in exactly the same way. As this wire contains less silver or gold than a solid wire it is a fraction of the cost.

Wire Shapes 

The wire is generally available in three different shapes - round, half round (sometimes called 'D' shape) and square

Wire Hardness / Stiffness 

We sell both soft and half hard wire. Soft wire is very pliable and can be easily bent in making many shapes including a spirals. It does not hold its shape well at stress points such as clasps. Half-hard wire is slightly stiffer than soft wire. Half-hard wire is excellent for making tight, angular bends, for making loops in wire, and for wrapping wire around itself. Finished pieces made with half-hard wire are often more permanent than pieces made with soft wire. Half-hard wire does not do a good job of making spirals. Jewellery items such as ear wires can be made with soft wire and then hardened during the wire working process by gently hammering the wire against a steel block using a nylon head hammer.